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My FB account is Hacked and email changed
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Autor My FB account is Hacked and email changed
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Erstellt am: 16.12.2020 um 15:32 Uhr Antwort mit Zitat
one of the options by which you can find who has changed your Facebook email id. firstly, you can try to log in with your old email, and then you can see if it not working it will show you that this account email has been changed and now Facebook have a new verification where you can click on forgot username it will redirect you to the website page where it will say like submit your id by id I mean your driver's license or national state id you can send that to Facebook and report that your account was hacked and you need to change your email id as soon as possible and once you do that they will send you the link for changing your email id in your email that you provide. It might take up to 4–5 business days to receive an email from Facebook once your send one of your ids to them they will verify it and then send you a link to reset it and then you can reset your email and then you can also change your password

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